Time travels, stays up all night

Trembling Homework

I used to work at a homeless shelter for runaway teens on a night shift.

There were all sorts of problems that kids were having; economic homelessness, parental drug use, pregnancy, getting kicked out for sexual orientation, problems with the law etc.

Most of them were fully aware…

Ditz Bitch stand sits

sweaty, flustered, fidgets whi’st

salty drops chemical glist

a halo above a half fixed frown

Smudges wreath thine eyes cast down

Ditz Bitch stands sits, Ditz Bitch stand sits

stand sits licks, a

swollen tongue that pushes out

A cryptic whispered hiss

yet another day swallowed…

The only way is Indirectly, A one sided affair

Yet I fear you will know;
thought by titillating blip;
detailing a rosier reality

I’ve hidden in personal crypt

It’s tucked between greetings

sleek Private daydreams

That will never be said but your body will feel


Do your red hands…

Natalie LeRoy

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